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  Intercom Products
Original Talk-Thru-Unit (TTU)
Norcon's TTU-1 is the most popular transaction intercom in the world for hands-free communication between your employee and your customer. (Available for AC or rechargeable battery operation)
  Window Shade Unit
The TTU-7 is ideal for applications where a security gate or shade is used.
For applications where it would be impractical to cut a 3-4 inch hole in the barrier.
  Other Units Other Units
Multi Station, Back Office, and Telephone Systems incorporate the talk-thru-units to function in less traditional circumstances.
Correctional Facilities
Norcon's Correction Facilities Series barrier intercoms are ideal for high-security locations. The TTU-4 and TTU-5 "Talk-Thru" provide hands-free communication for inmate/visitor and corridor/dayroom locations.
  Wireless Headset
New, FCC approved, Digital Wireless.
  Custom Systems
Norcon can design a custom system if existing systems do not meet your needs.
Available accessories include: wired headsets, wireless headsets, and armored handsets.

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